Dominion Valley Country Club

18 Holes on NOv. 30

Well November has been a month with temps unlike any other year, or at least it seems that way to me. Being able to play golf in November on the East Coast is a great thing.

Looking at the weather yesterday, it was forecast to be 53! Who would NOT want to get out and walk on the course with those temps?

I had a 2pm tee time and while I was at the range warming up, I ran into my buddy Andrew who I met on the course and have been playing together a couple times a week since. He tells me he has a 1:30 and it’s just him so I jump in and we take off walking.

This time of year when the temps are very comfortable, to me it is the best time to walk. You see parts of the course you may have never seen and angles that you will never see speeding by in a cart. Don’t get me wrong, in the summer when the temps are up there, I am all for carts like anyone else, but when its 50 and walking keeps you warm, I see no reason for a cart.

Saturdays are for the boys and Bud Light are for the course!

So, as Andrew and I are making our way through the “front 9” (we actually started on 10 since that is what the clubhouse said), we were flying since the course was empty on such a beautiful day. We finished the “front 9” in about an hour forty five. We looked at each other, we looked at the sun setting over the mountains and said, we can’t stop now. So off to the “back 9” we went.

#18 at DVCC which was actually our #9

As we make the turn, Andrew runs in and gets us both a drink and I run into the clubhouse to test out the Taylormade Sim2 3 wood. With beer in hand and demo club in the bag we head off.

Since we were trying to beat the sunset, I didn’t take as many pictures along the second half but the golf and company was still great. As we made our way to the 12th tee (actually 3rd) I found one of those places that you probably would never notice if you sped by in a cart.

As we got back to the 18th (actually 9th) the sun was pretty much gone and it was another good round of golf with great company and awesome exercise.

Walking up to the 9th hole which was actually our 18th.

Speaking of exercise, according to my phone, I walked 7.2 miles from start to finish on the course yesterday. With the elevation changes and pushing a cart, that has to be great for the ole ticker. Not only good for the heart but great for the mind with all that is going on these days.

Well until next time, hit’m straight’ish!

Ole Arnold Palmer is waving goodnight!